Have you heard the “whistle”?

Our pets love to be outside. To see our closest companion play, run and enjoy outside is an joyful experience. If you are like me, you probably walk your pets out multiple times a day. A big headache is to track their whereabouts. In fact, the American Human Association estimates that there are 10 million dogs and cats lost in US alone every year. Until it comes WHISTLE.

Whistle is a smart pet tracker designed with both pet’s owner and pet in mind. Its tracking technology combining both cellular and GPS give you the fastest and most accurate tracking nationwide to the most accuracy. The smart phone based APP keeps your pet’s whereabouts in your palm’s control. In addition, you will get email, app or text notifications when your pet leaves their safe place before getting too far away. The build-in sensor technology can also track the speed, duration and distance your pet has based on predetermined parameters. You can go to their website www.whistle.com for more details.

For a limited time, I secured a $20 off coupon that you can use to purchase on their website. If interested, please subscribe to our website on our homepage at www.placerme.com or e-mail at info@placerme.com so I e-mail you the coupon code. Note time is limited, so please act fast!

Whistle smart pets dogs cats tracker

Whistle smart pets dogs cats tracker

Keep your pet cool and safe in the dog days of summer!

The hottest day arrives! Like us, our pet dog and cat want to stay comfortable in the summer time while enjoying the beautiful day outdoors. Some dogs have a lot of hair, which may make it hard for them to stay long time in the outside. There are several ways to help our four-legged friends feel good in the hot summer, such as hair-cut, swimming, stay under the shades.

Sometimes we take our dogs to beach, the sand could be very hot even though we use umbrellas. To help our dogs relax and enjoy time with us, we can let them sit or lie in a cooling mat. Our foldable indoor and outdoor cooling mat works by absorbing body heat and dissipating it back into the air through heat evaporation. It is made of durable mat material with a non-toxic cooling gel sealed inside. This mat does not need water, freezer or electricity to active, which makes it easy to carry around. You can also put the cooling mat in the car seat and let your pet sit on the mat while you are driving.

For maximum cooling effect, you can choose to put the cooling mat in the fridge storage for 30 minutes to one hour before each use. There are three sizes available. You can find the suitable size to fit your dog. Make sure to measure your dog and choose the best one for him/her.

It is summer time! Let your dog enjoy the outdoor activities. Whether you take your pets to a park, beach, or a road trip. You can simply bring this cooling mat with you. Your pet will love it. Not only your pet will like it, you will also enjoy a good time when your pet is happy!

Dog Cat outdoor indoor cooling mat

Pet cooling mat



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How to Select a Dog Front Seat Cover and Keep Our Pets Safe?

For dog owners, we always take out our pets and enjoy road trips with them. Whether they are sitting or lying in the car, we need to take care of their safety as we may face sudden stops or turns. While letting our pets relax and walk around in the car seat area, we also want to keep our car seat clean and avoid scratches from pets’ claws.

There are quite a few car seat covers available for dogs in the market. In this article, we are focusing on the front car seat cover. The most important features of the front seat cover should include waterproof, anti-slip, durable.

When we design this front seat cover, we have included all those key features.

· WATERPROOF & STYLISH DESIGN – Heavy Duty 600D Oxford Polyester with PU coating for Durability and Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Dry All The Time. Seat Skirt Provides Extra Stability, Protection, and Stylish looking.

· ANTI-SLIP LAYER & ANCHOR TUBES – For Extra Grip and Comfort. Protect Seat Cover From Sliding and Moving Around, Which Helps to Keep Your Pet Safe.

· PROTECT CAR & PETS – Protect Car Seats From Water, Dirt, Spills, Scratches, Hair & Fur, And Other Messes. Whether Your Pets Sits or Stands on the Seat Cover, Use a Pet Seat Belt to Buckle it Up and Enjoy Traveling with Your Pet.

If you prefer to sit your dog(s) on the back seat, we also have our back seat cover to get you covered.

It is already spring time. Let’s go for a ride now!

pet front seat cover

Pet front seat cover in action!



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What gift will you give to your four legged friends for the holiday?

Yes, I know… It is the holiday time of the year again!

While you are busy planning for your holiday shopping spree-I hope you have one, don’t forget to add some holiday flavor to your dogs with a soft mesh harness that perfectly combines utility and aesthetic together!

Pet reflective adjustable mesh harness

Pet reflective adjustable mesh harness

A couple of points we bear in mind when we design this harness.
1. Need to wear comfortably yet sturdy to withstand pull. The result is that we pick a strong knitted mesh fabric. We then sew rolled edge all the way for reinforcement.
2. Need to be easy to use. The result is that we make both neck and chest straps adjustable. We also offer four different sizes. The goal is to best fit with dogs with different sizes.
3. Need to have multiple uses under different circumstances. This harness provides comfort and safety, if your dog wears it in the car, together with dog safety seat belt, sold separately. This harness is also great for daily dog walk, thanks to its easy to use feature. This harness is specifically useful if you walk your dog at night, thanks to the reflective feature built in.
4. Need to fit your holiday shopping budget. While this harness is packed with so many features, it sells only at $7.99 to $10.99, depending on the sizes. With four sizes and two colors to choose from, you can surely find one that fits your dog’s needs.

After multiple months of sampling, testing and reviewing, this product is ready for sell. Come grab one while supply lasts!

Click here for more info.

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New arrival!

The Rogz Grinz dog toy is built for fun. Bounce and fetch, float, treat and bite. It will keep your dog engaged and happy!

Check Rogz Grinz in action! Visit our store for product details. Stock is limited.

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Do we look silly?

dog chewing toy

Dog toy- Don't they look seriously silly! This makes my day!


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