Keep your pet cool and safe in the dog days of summer!

The hottest day arrives! Like us, our pet dog and cat want to stay comfortable in the summer time while enjoying the beautiful day outdoors. Some dogs have a lot of hair, which may make it hard for them to stay long time in the outside. There are several ways to help our four-legged friends feel good in the hot summer, such as hair-cut, swimming, stay under the shades.

Sometimes we take our dogs to beach, the sand could be very hot even though we use umbrellas. To help our dogs relax and enjoy time with us, we can let them sit or lie in a cooling mat. Our foldable indoor and outdoor cooling mat works by absorbing body heat and dissipating it back into the air through heat evaporation. It is made of durable mat material with a non-toxic cooling gel sealed inside. This mat does not need water, freezer or electricity to active, which makes it easy to carry around. You can also put the cooling mat in the car seat and let your pet sit on the mat while you are driving.

For maximum cooling effect, you can choose to put the cooling mat in the fridge storage for 30 minutes to one hour before each use. There are three sizes available. You can find the suitable size to fit your dog. Make sure to measure your dog and choose the best one for him/her.

It is summer time! Let your dog enjoy the outdoor activities. Whether you take your pets to a park, beach, or a road trip. You can simply bring this cooling mat with you. Your pet will love it. Not only your pet will like it, you will also enjoy a good time when your pet is happy!

Dog Cat outdoor indoor cooling mat

Pet cooling mat




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